About Us
About Our Business

Dan Coletti owns and operates Just Natural Design, a
garden landscape firm specializing in the design and
implementation of native, adapted and drought tolerant
plants for the residential environment.

Dan is a contributor to several local and national
magazines . His articles include:
  • Be Smart - Add Natives To Your Garden
  • Add Butterflies To Your Garden
  • Welcome Hummingbirds To Your Garden
  • Colorful Options For Shade
  • Invite Birds To Your Yard
  • Xeriscape Design

Dan is an instructor with the adult education department
The Dallas Arboretum, teaching several classes
each year. Past classes include, "Designing With
Natives"; "What Is Xeriscape? and Why Is It Important";
"Add Butterflies To Your Garden"; "Invite Birds To Your
Yard" and "Designing With Ornamental Grasses".

Dan is a graduate of Ohio University and Richland
College. He is a member of the Native Plant Society of
Texas and the First Men's Garden Club of Dallas.

Dan can be reached at : E-mail